• Aqualox

    Crèche Le Nid
    Compiègne (FR)

  • Aqualox

    ASBL Marcellin Champagnat
    Arlon (BE)

  • Aqualox

    Crèche la Cantarineta
    Nice (FR)

  • Aqualox

    Espace Petite Enfance
    Thônes (FR)

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Technical features

  loxos-aqualox-vue-dessus loxos-aqualox-vue-de-face loxos-aqualox-vue-profil
  • Height of wall fixation to be chosen by users when installing the unit using the assembly guide. Recommended height for creche : rear at 65 cm from finished floor level.
  • Single section sink with integrated tap and waste.
  • Antibacterial polyester resin M2-classified, one piece moulding.
  • Hygenic raised upstands to sides limit- ing accidental water splashing.
  • nstallation template for wall mount fix- ings included (screws not provided).
  • Dimensions : Width : 90 cm | Heiht. : 52 cm (back) to 29 cm (front) | Depth. : 52 cm



Sanitary fittings

 Sanitary fittings
  • 2 Single control mixers with automatic timed shut-off and soft-touch operation, suitable for children, economical flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm. Solid chrome- plated body. Water waste outlet fitted with debris grid, no plug. Trap accessed from under sink unit moulding.
  • Thermostatic safety valve pre-set at 38°C providing anti-scald security in the event of cold water supply failure.
  • Water isolation valve (not provided) can be fitted on cold water supply to prevent accidental flow.
  • Water service connection : 200 mm from finished floor level, 15mm male fitting with isolation valve.
  • Waste pipe – (Wash-hand basin alternative) : 40 mm diameter, waste trap = 15 cm from FFL.
  • Waste pipe – (Water games alternative) : 40 mm diameter, waste trap = 9 cm from FFL.

Note: Due to the low position of the waste trap a vertical, straight to ground, outlet is recommended.



Worktop selection

aqualox jeaudeau 2Alternative: Separate plug fitment to    allow    basin    to    be    filled. Overflow installed giving a maximum water depth of 8 cm.


Resin single piece moulding worktop, fireproof to French M2 rating. 

REACH (Europe) : prevention of allergy risks linked to post-manufacture use of chemical substances.



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