Measuring rod for maternity

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Technical features

Dimensions :
Length 71.5 cm, width 23 cm and height 12.5 cm

Material :
Made of clear polished acrylic, 6 mm depth, with rounded edges shapes

Graduation :
1mm - 0,5 inch

Poids :
1 177 g

  • Stationery 90° head positioner and caliper.
  • Bio clean approved: easy and quick removal; then clean the measurement rod using a soft cloth and diluted disinfectant.
  • This measuring rod comes with a built-in handle for easy transport.
  • Measures the length of the newborn in lying position.
  • Lateral graduation and integrated magnifier for easy reading.



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Precision magnifier in cm and inch Measuring rod caliper and locking knob Easy removal and cleaning


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