• Pédiamax

    Al Qassimi Sharjah Hospital
    Dubaï (UAE)

  • Pédiamax

    Al Qassimi Sharjah Hospital
    Dubaï (UAE)

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Product’s benefits

  1. Very wide station for complete paediatric care.
  2. The particular shape of the station allows for two professionals to work simultaneously.
  3. Large shallow bath allows for a child to be bathed lying down.
  4. Numerous storage areas for nursing equipment.
  5. Also suitable for daycare nurseries.


Technical features

Change worktop

Resin single piece moulded surface for comfort and hygiene. M2-classified. Smooth, seamless, non-porous antibacterial surface with rounded edges for ease of cleaning and sanitising.

Designed to allow water to run to the lowest point thus avoiding water retention.
Safe hygienic upstands.
Recessed worktop ensures maximum mat stability.

Change mat, M2-classified, PVC coated fabrics, phthalate-free, knitted finish, OEKO-TEX 100 label, 12 colour choices

  • 1 central change

  • 1 wash-hand basin

  • 1 large shallow bath

  • 1 area for nursing equipment

  • 1 mat


Melamine faced particle board furniture, thickness 19 mm, moisture resistant grade. Fireproof to French M3 rating.
White cabinets, coloured doors (12 colours) with colour-matched rounded outline solid ABS edging. Metal adjustable legs, with expanded PVC removable kick strip.
Curved metallic handles. Drawers with fully enclosed runners with soft close action.

  • 5 doors
  • 1 drawer

Sanitary fittings

On worktop
  • 1 swivel spout mixer with long handle + 1 swivel spout mixer with handspray (hospital standards). Ceramic cartridge.  Solid chrome-plated body.
  • Waste operated by separate control.
  • Stainless steel sheathed flexible hose connection.
In the cabinet
  • Pre-set thermostatic valve ensures a mixed water distribution at constant 38°C nominal temperature
  • Anti-scalding security in case of cold water supply failure

Settings to be checked upon installation

  • Water inlet connection: 250 mm from finished floor level, 1/2" male fitting with isolation valve.
  • Drain pipe: 40 mm diameter at 250 mm from finished floor level and centre to wall distance of 70 mm

For any specific request, please contact us.

Furniture fittings

3-drawer block, including one for baby scale
2-drawer block
 3-drawer block
Retractable stairs block under change area
Double laundry bag drawer block with side box shelves
options-meubles-3-tiroirs-pese-bebe-l-pediamax  options-meubles-2-tiroirs-l options-meubles-3-tiroirs-l-pedia  options-meubles-escalier-casiers


Resin single piece moulding worktop, fireproof to French M2 rating.  

Changing mat : Fireproof to French M2 rating.  OEKO-TEX 100 label.

Melamine faced particle board, moisture resistant.  Fireproof to French M3 rating

Main existing norms aimed at childcare nursing equipment are for a domestic usage.  

Although we do not have to comply to them, we take into account all their recommendations, from hygiene to security and also for the design and the manufacturing of our furniture.

2005/84/CE : European directive for Early Childhood.

NF EN 12 221-1 : changing tables for domestic use

REACH (Europe) : prevention of allergy risks linked to post-manufacture use of chemical substances.


Finish and Complementary furnitures