Environmental initiative

Loxos takes into account environmental issues for all aspects of its furniture design. All component materials are chosen carefully considering their environmental and health safety impacts. The reduction of waste and the treatment of end-of-life materials reduces the impact of our workshops on the environment.

loxos environnement HQE


All our furniture is manufactured with wood sourced from sustainably developed forests. All our material suppliers comply with the REACH regulations, principle of precaution for the launch on the market of healthy and sustainable products. All our waste is recycled in appropriate channels. All our packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials: wooden pallets, cardboard, bubble-wrap.


In order to lower our carbon footprint, furniture delivery is organised with transporters working in conjunction with intermediary platforms to limit delivery distance. Our carriers are ISO 9001 certified.


The furniture is delivered and unpacked by the transporter who collects and recycles the packaging. The furniture is prepared in our factory so that it will be a fast turnkey installation that will not interfere with your organisation.

Life span

Loxos technical choices favour sustainability. The panels used in our cabinets are moisture-resistant grade (E1) – this ensures an excellent life span for an intense usage in a moist environment. They have a volatile organic compound level lower than 8mg /100gr, in accordance with current European norms.
The resin used combines sustainability, durability, flexibility and great ease of cleaning. It can be repaired in case of impact damage and resists perfectly liquid cleaning and disinfecting products. A yearly cleaning with polish is recommended to keep a smooth and bright surface. A repairing kit and cleaning advice can also be supplied. Please contact your local agent. All these qualities ensure that our furniture has a lifespan exceeding 10 years in an intensive use environment.

End of life

In order to comply with a sustainable development philosophy, we have conceived our furniture so that it is easy to separate the worktop and the other components.

Member since 2013 of Valdelia, an office furniture recycling company, we collect for the latter the eco-contribution, which will allow financing of the implementation for a professional and efficient recycling and re-using of waste sector.