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Our mission is to create changing stations that meet your needs and provide you with comfort and safety. We innovate constantly to comply with to the evolution of your requirements. Our values are the ones of respect for man and environment. We design sustainable furniture that secures both the child and his carer in each of their movements.

loxos-fabrication-francaiseOur furniture is made in France

Our furniture is fully designed, worked and assembled in France on our production site, near Orbec. Settled in Basse-Normandie for several years, we are committed in the economical development of our region. We carefully select suppliers and subcontractors who share our choices and values.

We work for the well being of children and those who care for them.
Every day we try out new ideas to facilitate the work of early childhood personnels. Our changing stations are designed for the sake of functionality and ergonomics: everything is there at hand to keep a constant eye on the child. Among other innovations, Loxos is responsible for the integration of fixed or retractable stairs to reduce the  strain on carer's backs and promote the motor development  of the children who use them.


We are attentive to the needs of patients and practitioners to provide furniture that facilitates their work around the child. Some of our hospital products, for example, were conceived and designed to allow two people to work simultaneously.

Taking care of children also requires choosing healthy and environmentally friendly materials. Our change worktops are made of anti-bacterial polyester resin and our changing mat is phthalate-free.

In 25 years, we have become the reference company in the early childhood sector.
We have supplied, for more than 20 years, hospitals and clinics, day nurseries, paediatric schools and all early childhood day care centres. Since 1991, when the company was founded, we have produced more than 10,000 changing stations, equipped more than 200 hospitals and more than 2 000 nurseries. We have around thirty registered designs today, we realise custom layouts, we adapt and continuously enrich our range in compliance with the new standards.

We support Theodora Association to bring laughter to sick children
For 2 years, Loxos has been a partner of the Theodora association that brings laughter to hospitalized children. Our support passes by communication actions increasing Thedora Association's visibility and therefore collecting more donations.

For the New Year, Loxos dedicates the space of communication of its season's greetings to Théodora. Released to about 2000 contacts, this electronic message allows  print and postage expenses savings. These savings are returned to the association every year. Loxos also promotes the association by publishing their news on this web site.



Main existing norms aimed at childcare nursing equipment are for a domestic usage.
Although we do not have to comply with them, we take into account all their recommendations, from hygiene to security and also for the design and the manufacturing of our furniture.
2005/84/CE: European directive for Early Childhood, NF EN 12 221-1: changing tables for domestic use, REACH (Europe): prevention of allergy risks linked to post-manufacture use of chemical substances.