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Paris Healthcare Week 2017 - the variable height


During Paris HealthCare Week, Loxos dedicated 3 days to variable height. It was the perfect time to talk about ergonomic issues into hospital settings while (re)discovering Mobilmat®, the adjustable height (from 80cm to 105cm) station for staff comfort and those with reduced mobility.

healthcare2017 1

Facing Mobilmat® installation, visitors could also discover the new adjustable height changing station Polymat, varying up to 10cm. A perfect solution to prevent muscle disorder diseases as well as adapting to nursing staff morphology. 

healthcare2017 2

Ergonomic and weel-being of staff have always been at the center of Loxos reflections' on innovation. The fair was also a great opportunity to advertise our partnership with NatéoSanté, a French start-up which manufactures high standard air purifiers. Our common goal is to clear the air in the maternities and nurseries.

healthcare2017 3

healthcare2017 4

We were proud to provide changing stations for the nurse booth with Omegamat and Loxos 3.