Exceptional project in Nigeria at the Tippytoes Kidcare nursery

exterieur tippytoes abuja nigeria 2013 175

A modern nursery focused on safety and well-being 

Tippytoes Kidcare is a state of the art school, that provides high quality education, enhanced developmental learning skills and a world class pay environment for kids in Abuja, capital of Nigeria. The school runs british and nigerian integrated curriculum system with the addition of some Montessori principles and resources. 

The nursery welcomes 60 children divided in several sections :

  • Penguins from 3 to 12 months
  • Teletubbies from 1 to 2 years
  • Power rangers from 2 to 3 years

penguins changing i pediabain abuja nigeria 2013 175teletubbies changing loxos3 abuja nigeria 2013 175powerrangers changing loxos bain escalier abuja nigeria 2013 175

These different sections have been equipped with comfortable, practical and colorful Loxos changing stations. 

Expectations met throughout the project 

The project started from the will several years ago to create an environment in which the children feel good and giving their parents rest of mind when they drop off their kids. Mrs. Esiri, director of the nursery, gived testimony :

"Loxos has responded perfectly to our needs for high quality changing stations, ensuring the comfort and safety of the children."

8 change units including the types Loxos change, Loxos bath stairs, Pediabain and Loxos 3 with retractable staircase, were delivered "plug and play" making installation very easy. The childhood house welcomes children since 2 years and the changing stations correspond perfectly to the expectations. One of the major features is the possibility to wash your hands, change the child and wash if it is necessary on the same workspace. The caregivers appreciates the convenience that facilitates the work and the optimal storage, thanks to storage cubbies under the workspace.

In conclusion Mrs. Esiri also added : 

"The attractive visual aspect is alwas noticed by the prospective parents that come for inspection of our school. This positive image succeeds in convincing the parents of the well-beeing of children. A positive point for our establishment."

We welcome this very positive feedback and thank all those who took part in this outstanding project.